Thursday, November 28, 2013

Maine Pyar Kiya - Why I will always go back

There was never any hope.

When this comes up on screen, you capitulate.
Or this.

There was no hope. Really.

I was all of 7 years when Maine Pyar Kiya released. I did not watch it until a long long time after that but when I did, I buckled under a phenomenon that was Prem and Suman's world (more so because of Prem I confess).

Anyone who knows me knows that I moon over Salman Khan. This veneration was questioned in a recent conversation. "You say it was because of Maine Pyar Kiya. Will the movie leave you overawed in the same manner today?" I vehemently defended my adoration but it went unacknowledged. Not a lot of people out there like Salman Khan. To each his own.

Since multiple skeptical glances were thrown my way, the skirmish just handed me a reason to watch the movie again. Did I say again? Yes, again. I watch it every year. I have watched it so many times now that it does not matter that I do not keep count. I watch it but it is not a ritual. It is a new experience each time. This time was no different.

How could it be different? The movie enthralls me despite the warped fashion of the 80s.
It captivates me each time Prem says "Aur nahin toh kya. Aur iss baar mat poochna, kyun" in response to her "Tumhe bura laga".
It gave us the quintessential Mohnish Behl whose line "Ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahin ho sakte" became epic without him having to smirk a la Ranjith (I like the man, no offense).
It gave us playfulness of young love that would be immortalized with "Abhi mood nahin hai"
It communicated Prem's respect for Suman with the slightest of nuances.
It symbolized what a man in love could do for his woman.
It was the genesis of "mooning over Salman Khan". There was (is) no hope. Really.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A hike every month: November 2013: Cowles Mountain

The Mister and I hike a bit. We have managed to do a few around and beyond the area we live in. We like to think that we are good at it but after the first ten steps, we are just too unhealthy, gasping along the trail and praying for the finish line.

Have I mentioned before that I have a Mister? Well, the Mister has been as supportive a partner can be over the past one and something years of married life. And he likes to say that he was extremely active before I happened! I say he has turned sanguine!

Coming back to the purpose of this post; I have been meaning to document all the hikes we do but as can be witnessed, been terrible at it. This one is a beginning.

Cowles Mountain is a trail belonging to the Mission Trails Regional Park ( with a 3 mile loop. At 1591ft elevation, it is an easy to moderate hike used by some for running as well.

  • This is an extremely busy trail. Start early to beat the crowd
  • Since it is so thronged, the trail can get a bit unclean. When you step on something liquid in nature, you know it may not be just water!
  • Dogs are allowed on this trail. Be prepared to meet a lot of them as well enroute :)
  • While the dogs are absolutely ok, unattended dog poop on the ground is not. Yes, that is available in plenty too!

Otay Mountain and beyond

Lake Murray and beyond
What makes the hike worth your while is the view. A 360 degree view of San Diego county can be nothing but breathtaking. Lake Murray, Downtown, Coronado bridge, Point Loma, Tijuana and beyond on one side and flanked by mountains on the other.

We finished the hike in an hour and a half. A little too much only because we spent some time idling away on the peak ogling at what this place I now call home has to offer.

The photos are a bit shifty. Pliss to excuse!

I had to be back

This page is getting views. Serious views. Like a total of 16000 views!

I was shocked beyond belief because no one was writing. Upon doing a little investigating of my own I realized that it was all because of one word. One four letter word inadvertently used, albeit in complete context to the post, has caused traffic to be redirected to this blog. I could laugh at it. So many people out there searching for that string of 4 letters :)

What is that word? Well, I aint' putting it out there again. Lesser traffic notwithstanding.

Have I told you that I have moved? Moved physically across seven seas to a different country. While it has been sometime and I maintain another equally unattended to blog, I intend to now resume writing.

Glad to be back!