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7 days 7 photos - Photo number 5

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7 days 7 photos - Photo number 4

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7 days 7 photos - Photo number 3

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7 days 7 photos - Photo number 2

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7 days 7 photos - Photo number 1

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Bajji Outing

I am a sucker for food. I can eat multiple times a day and always be ready for more :o) Having constantly ordered food to be delivered at work, S managed to get me decently tempted into venturing out of the building confines.

We girls ate at this small Bajji cart and had tea at the nearby shop. The Bajjis are made by a husband wife duo and are fabulous. Charged at Re1/- each, they come with Mint chutney that is drool-worthy. We drained the guy of his chutney reserves and hence decided to click his picture to assuage him. He happily obliged. The tea was heavenly as well.

Bajjis galore!

The Bajji Maker

Ek garam chai ki pyaali and S is a happy person!

Prithvi – A must watch for all Kannadigas and movie enthusiasts

While booking tickets to watch Prithvi on Saturday, I did not know a thing about the movie’s storyline. I only knew that it had the Milana pair in lead roles. I had watched Milana quite late after it had released and liked it. Incidentally, it was my first Puneet Rajkumar film as well. Not only did I like Puneet’s acting it, the actress was good and the movie was decent enough for a family watch. This element was what made me decide to give Prithvi a try. And boy, was it a good decision or what!
Prithvi is undoubtedly heralding new times in Kannada commercial cinema. Apart from containing all elements that cater to masses, it brings to fore that one element Kannada movie makers always missed – good dialogues. There was never a moment where I had to cringe in embarrassment because the line was extremely corny. Families can watch this film together and enjoy it. The songs are not misplaced, are good on the ears and merge into the story.
The story is the protagonist in this film. Corruption is brought down to its knees in the corridors that breed it – politics and administrative services. An IAS officer who takes up the post of Deputy Commissioner in Bellary fights a battle against mining lords, corrupt politicians and wins in the end. It is a story of good triumphing over the evil but it also gives another message – if everyone did their job as mandated, corruption would not stand a chance. Why do we forget this, I wonder? The film is hard-hitting throughout the 120+ minutes. The director has not minced words or incidents anywhere. He bravely gets his actors to mouth dialogues that come with the tag – pun intended! Reference to a puppet of a Chief Minister being one of them :)
The casting could not have been more appropriate. Puneet Rajkumar as Prithvi lives the character. He has emoted with accuracy from frame one till the end. The scene where he cries after meeting journalist Basavaraju’s widowed wife will go down as one of his best ever. Parvathi Menon plays the role of his wife with seamless ease. Not only has she done full justice to her character without going over the top, she looks beautiful without an iota of makeup.
I hope the director of this film continues to make more such films. I will definitely be there in the audience each time. I have never before been so proud of modern Kannada cinema.
For all those Kannadigas and movie aficionados, go ahead and watch this film. It is worth your while!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Will be back soon...

This blog has not seen any new posts for the last week or so. This is mainly because P has been trying to get herself into the Limca Book of Records and I have been busy as a bee with very less sleep.
For all those who add to the Site Meter statistics, there are a lot of new posts coming your way. This is the calm before the storm :o)

Another one of those Volvo incidents - Driver (a man) stops the bus at East End Circle, gets down and goes into the Ladies' restroom!! I so wanted to witness a screaming melee but was disappointed ;0)

The sole reason for my ID's continuity on Twitter - @BeingSalmanKhan!!! I will put up a link to my Twitter page soon on this blog.

A PJ that caught my fancy in recent times - Himesh Reshammiya's next movie with Sunanda Pushkar will be titled "Aap ka Tharoor"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

BBMP Council and Bangalore Patrol

The Times of India Bangalore ran a 2 page advertisement on their next initiative for people – Bangalore Patrol. A joint venture run by Janaagraha, the aim of this exercise is to publish reports similar to score cards for work accomplished by Corporators. An extract –

Dear Corporator, Bangalore has asked you a question and your time starts now.
Winning an election is not a reward or a prize. It is a challenge. A challenge thrown to you by all the honest, law-abiding citizens of your ward. And you don’t have till the next election to find answers.

What a mockery of an advertisement and an initiative!

How many of these law-abiding citizens went and voted for their ward I wonder. As far as TOI is concerned, I am personally aware of an employee of this institution who did not vote on 28th March! This is what I call double standards in its most sophisticated form. Apart from considering this to be a joke, I find fault in both adjectives used for citizens. Where are the honest people? If everyone were honest, we would not have crime. Calling citizens law-abiding is insulting the word. We would not require traffic police if people followed something as simple as a traffic light. If there was anything in this world that generalization would not apply for, it is for these 2 terms.

A full page advertisement will not stop corruption and neither will deploying people to generate statistics. If I am right, these statistics they intend to collect for the performance report will come from 52% of the population which did not bother to vote. Out of the rest who actually voted, the poor voted because they were paid, some voted because exercising their right was a habit and only a few voted because they wanted a better tomorrow. Apart from the latter, no one else can get away with questioning a Corporator. If you have not bothered to select and elect your leader, you lose your right to question their office. One might contest this by saying that we pay taxes. One pays taxes because one can afford to and not because of any social responsibility.

I have been a very conscious voter every single time after my first foray into voting. The sheer newness of voting moved my focus away from the bigger picture the first time I could exercise my right. After that first time, I have always managed to read up as much as possible about candidates from my area before deciding on whom to vote for. I have even questioned them about their manifesto when they came to my doorstep while campaigning. If I have issues, I have raised them in the past. The one thing that I have not done before is finding out if my issue was being addressed. This is on my to-do list from this year onwards. I intend to take responsibility too. It is not always the responsibility of the other person (the elected representative). All these years, I have not been bogged down by the fact that we get some heinous people as candidates. It does not deter me from voting at all.

I never had a lot of regard for TOI’s content or its initiatives but Bangalore Patrol has just solidified my belief a bit more. Deccan Herald, diametrically opposite in appeal to the eye, is a much better choice with your morning coffee. They sell quality instead of glamour to their customers.

My take on this year’s BBMP polls - With a 49% voter turnout, BJP being more intelligent with early preparation and spending power than the other parties, there was no way that they would not have seen a sweeping win in Bangalore.