Friday, August 12, 2011


Before the writer in me dies, here is a post that was submitted to TripAdvisor. Forgive my language but I am creatively constipated at the moment which means this blog has to make do with my travel review from another site! However, enjoy maadi because I definitely enjoyed the place and want to visit again!

I belong to Bangalore and had been planning a visit to Wonderla forever. When I did go on 18th June, I must say I had the time of my life! My first theme park visit in India was the best and will remain so until someone outclasses Wonderla.

Elegantly maintained, extremely clean with very friendly but assertive staff, the amusement park is a treat from the time you step in. 30kms away from Bangalore city, this place is best enjoyed when you have your own transport if you do not mind spending a little more. Priced at Rs680 per adult on weekends, the rides and experience are worth the money. While the dry rides have everything from those that cater to kids to high thrill rides, water rides are possibly the ones that garner most willing participants. My friend and I made it to the water before it got too crowded and thus were able to laze around a bit. There are a lot of options for food, restaurants commendable for cleanliness and order even on weekends.

Go on a weekday if you are in a group of 15 or more else you might not be able to go on all rides as they require a minimum number of people to operate. If you go on a weekend, avoid getting into the water when it is too crowded as one never knows what people are upto :). The place also offers changing rooms, shower areas and lockers for a refundable deposit and non-refundable charge. Reach the place around 10:30am, complete the dry rides, lunch and water rides in that order. You will be done by 5pm. Have a very light breakfast and try not to fill your stomach with too much food while going for the high thrill rides.

All in all, Wonderla is a wonderful place to spend a day out of Bangalore and destress :)