Wednesday, December 8, 2010

South Asian Challenge - 2011

At a time when I was trying to work out a new resolution list, Swaram from The Song of Life (a wonderful blog I have been ghost-reading for a while now) presented the best option - a reading challenge!

Books have been my companions in the truest of sense. Weird but true because I have laughed with them, cried my eyes out and grown with hundreds of stories over the last 2 decades of my passage on this planet. From the Faraway Tree series to Les Miserables to Harry Potter, the trajectory of my literary journey has been extremely fulfilling.

The South Asian Challenge 2011 caught my interest because of its vision. The fervor S Krishna has for books and promoting regional authors is evident to anyone who visits her blog.

Considering I am beyond redemption in sticking to resolutions, I hope my love for a good read will not let me down next year. So, I says, Bring It On!


  1. The concept of focussed reading is good. But S.Krishna... reading 400 books a year! While I'm unable to consider it completely true... let me not talk about something I do not know about.... I for one would surely not want to go anywhere near that number per year. I do not want to rush through life! Yeah S.Krishna may not be rushing either :)

  2. My first challenge (South Asia Challenge 2011) and I am very keen to introduce some Sri Lankan authors and also go beyond the popular south asian authors as well.


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